Moon Power


sailor moon graphic meme: [2/2] villains

↳the amazoness quartet

Adults have to see what society says about them to even have a dream. There isn’t one thing that’s fun once you’re an adult! In other words, it’s best to stay as a child and to not become an adult.


sailor moon - butterfly wings by zelldinchit


look at this 3d they’re using for sailor moon you guys


Some pretty displays at the 動漫電玩節2014!
Photos taken by my friend Fonny ^_^


Elemental Hair: Green and Brown

Green and brown are colors that are heavily associated with life and fertility; after all, soil is brown, and the flora that springs from it is green. In particular, green is the color of nature, fertility, life, renewal, and spring. Brown is a very down-to-earth color, representing stability, support, duty, sensitivity, and a sense of belonging. 

Interestingly, green seems to represent Mako’s powers as Sailor Jupiter while brown represents Mako herself; Jupiter harnesses the power of nature (be it weather or plant life) while Mako is an essential source of support within the Sailor Team, treasuring her friends as family and making sure that she’s always there to support and protect them.


Moon healing escalation!


Moon healing escalation!

Moon Tiara Boomerang!

Moon Tiara Boomerang!